Put A Little Cowboy

       In Your Life

Home Of The World's Greatest Cowboy Superstar

Gunfighter-Poker Stud-Movie Star

Stuntman & Double Naught Spy 0077

 If'n YOU Feel


Johnny Don't Lose
Johnny Don't Lose
Johnny Be Good!
Johnny Be Good!

Think Right

Don't Be Silly! ... 'Course You Cain't Ride, Rope, Shoot, Stuntman, Spy or Play Poker As Good As

Me... 'Cause I'M

Little Johnny


But Don't Quit... If 'n Theses Fellas Can Be Poker Studs... They Is HOPE Fer YOU!

Now Back To What Really Matters... ME!

Cowboy Superstar

Being A Superstar Cowboy Just Sorta Comes Natural to A Fella Like Me... It's Kinda Like Being So Dang Good Lookin' and Humble... I Cain't Take No Credit Fer It ... The Good Lord Just Made Me That Way!

Poker Stud

Being A Poker Stud Is Easy When You Got The Smarts Johnny Gots. Here's A Good Lesson To Start With Fer All You Greenhorns... If 'n You Cain't Figure Out Who The Sucker At The Table Is....IT'S YOU!!!


World's Fastest Gunfighter
Now You Probably Thinks You Is Fast. Like This Fella Here. But Johnny Is So Fast That The Regular Human Eye Cain't Even See Johnny Draw! Watch Close...Johnny Is Gonna Plug That Fella...

And Then The Good Lord Is Gonna Explain To Him How STUPID He Was !



You Ain't So Fast


Movie Star Stuntman

When A Fella Is Plannin' A Big Movie Stunt... I Cain't Stress Enough... The Importance Of Havin' An EXACT PLAN!


Hey Charles Bronson

Are You Still Here? Lookin' Fer Trouble With Johnny Cowboy?

I Didn't Think So!

Invisible 0077 Mode
Invisible 0077 Mode

Double Naught Spy 0077

Now When A Fella Is Doin' Double Naught Spy Work Focus Is The Key... 

F-O-C-U-S...Cause If 'n You Get Distracted(say... by watchin' a pretty gal with a six-shooter and a cute puppy fer example)...BAD THINGS HAPPEN!

The New "Cowboy Compact Model"
Now It Appears To Me...Somethin' Ain't Exactly Right Here!



Johnny Cowboy Philosophy

Life Is A Poker Game. They Is 2 Bets A Fella Can Make


#1 You Can Bet It All On The Devil & Go You Know Where!


#2 You Can Bet It All On The Good Lord & Have All The FREE Sarsaparilla You Can Drink & All the FREE Ponies You Can Ride!  Smarten Up Dummy! Beforen You Get Your Dang Self In One Of Them There PREDICTAMENTS!

You Can Run... But You Cain't Hide!  -  'Cause Even In 0077 Invisible Mode...

No Matter Where Ya Go... There Ya Are!

The Difference Between A Snake & A Politician Is... They Is Some Things

A Snake Won't Do!

No Way!!!
No Way!!!

Try To Stay Alert & Always Pay Attention!

Think Right & Keep A Good Attitude !

Even When The Chips Are Down And Things Don't Look Good

" Always Remember Jr...The Good Lord Made Us!

                                                       And We Is What's Known As Priiime Stock! 


Johnny gots stuff ya didn't even know ya needed yet!

Double Naught Spy 0077 'Invisible Mode'
Double Naught Spy 0077 'Invisible Mode'

A single photograph or picture is an education in itself.

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